COVID19 Reopening Update:

In these challenging times, when uncertainty and rapid changes are part of our daily life, I feel it is more important than always to bring the quality of shiatsu into our lives.
I almost feel it is the ultimate contrast for these past months where many of us drifted into more emotional and physical distress, more pain and more loneliness.

All sessions will take place at:

124 Harvard St, Brookline,
office 5B


For your safety, I will be strictly following health guidelines of sanitizing, pre-screening, mask wearing and distancing  (distancing- when possible)
Please read the following guidelines and help me keep our community safe:

In person sessions:

* All sessions will take place at 124 Harvard St office 5B until further notice

* Before entering you will be asked to answer some screening questions (todays body temperature, general feeling and symptoms, exposure to COVID 19)

* Intake questioning will be taken with appropriate distancing, or by phone from your car before entering (your choice)

* Masks will be used throughout the whole session, by practitioner and client.

* Talking while hands-on work will be minimized to necessary talk only

* Face work will be avoided, or done with a face cloth

* Clean sheets are used for each client.( feel free to bring your own if you’d like to)

* There will be sanitizing and hand washing between each client

* The office is well ventilated and has no air conditioning connections with other offices

* Bathrooms are available in the building, but they are common spaces, for your consideration.
* Due to COVID-19 hardships, a sliding scale is available

Online sessions are available:

* 60 min session. By zoom/hangouts or phone


* Offered in regular office hours

* Regular rates apply

* Sessions include some or all of:
Intake and assessment, Checking in, Energy work, Guided exercises, Slight herbal adjustments.

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