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Give yourself the present of feeling good


Doing a series means giving an opportunity for change to happen from within. Make a change that will stay.

Years of practicing have taught me that though results can be seen immediately,

going through a longer process is priceless.

It gives time for real change to engage, gives the body an opportunity to truly learn a different way to do things.

It gives time for a graduate process, peeling one shell at a time to get to the core.

This is why I am offering these specially priced sessions boundless.

Choose your perfect fit bundle


Let the effect built up (Session bundles):

Mini session bundle: (just for this little thing that’s bothering me)

Initial (90 min) session + 5 (75 min) follow-up sessions –  669 (5% off)


Suffering from complex conditions for long periods of time means thing had time to tangle up. Full series give us the opportunity to unfold the tangle.


Full session bundle:

Initial (90 min) session + 9 (75 min) follow-up /sessions – 1048 (10% off)

A one-time reset

A single session: 90 min- 130

mini single sessions are available-: 75 min- 115

Health that stems from within is a long lasting one

Health that stems from within is a long term investment…


Special Pregnancy bundle

Support this pregnancy with a dream shiatsu series

Enjoy 9 full sessions for a stress free pregnancy
and get a after birth renewing session for free!

Great present for your special pregnant lady,  read more about gift options:

Gift options

* Sessions contain of an intake, an individually tailored shiatsu treatment and a short health consultation. This may include herbal prescriptions and follow up, nutrition refining, or guidelines for health maintainers. Every treatment is unique, built to answer the long-term goal and immediate needs. Lengths of each component may vary.

* Chinese herbal consultations/dietary and exercise recommendations require a 90 min session.

* Chinese herbal consultation without Shiatsu sessions are available. Ask me about the option.

* Cancellations less than 24 hours in advance shall be fully paid for.

* If you have a cold, or contagious disease, please call me  

* Didn’t work out? get your money back! Session bundles can be canceled and refunded (Within 60 days from purchase or the last session)

In a case of cancellation session price will be calculated by the full price of a one time session.

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