Traditional Chinese Medicine

"Many diseases, one pattern, one pattern, many diseases"

Thousands of years of accumulating knowledge has formulated into what Chinese medicine is today. This is a beautiful Traditional medicine, describing life and health through nature-based metaphors. A medicine which in its foundation lies the belief that life, as nature, is the constant happening of change.


Chinese medicine uses the concept of Qi to describe how life flows within and penetrates us. It refers to the Qi as flowing in numerous channels (Meridians) throughout the body.

I look at acupuncture and Shiatsu as the arts of connections. Millions of connections between the different organs and body parts, between body and mind, between the individual and the world around.


The concept of Qi and meridians are basically the understanding that it is all connected, we are one wholesome being, and everything within us is in constant communication. The different forms of Chinese medicine use different techniques to influence this network. They are just different ways to speak with it.

"First the word, then the plant, lastly the knife"

(Asclepius of Thessaly, circa 1000 BC, on the basics of medicine)

I see Acupuncture and Shiatsu as words, ways of talking to the body. Awakening its own self-healing abilities.

In my understanding, that is the first step in attending health. It always leaves me in awe, how much can change from within, with just the slightest assistance. No, not always we need a knife.

Chinese Herbal Therapy

The Chinese herbal Therapy uses substances to influence this system.

The Chinese Materia medica contains over 10000 substances, from Botanical, zoological and geological sources. Some of them overlap western herbology, and some of them are unique. It is a rich medicine, using carefully formed formulas, and discussed in developing literature for hundreds of years.

In Chines herbology herbs are used in a combination as a formula. A professional practitioner Identifies each herb and its influence on the body and can modify the formula as needed. That is why personal consultations are required, and why follow ups are extra important.

Reading the body signs to indicate how the herbs are affecting you, and changing the herbs as things change, is what makes Chinese herbology so effective.

Herbs are originally used as dried materials, cooked before use in batches for every 2 days (row form) For more convenience other forms have developed- Tablets, cooked formulas preserved in alcohol or glycerin, and evaporating cooked herbs to a powder.

Chinese herbal therapy is another way to work with the body to help it balance and regain whole health, In a natural noninvasive way.


An antique form of heat therapy. Using the stimulation and heat of the burning "Moxa" pieces to trigger acupuncture points, heat areas and increase healing. Various techniques are used in the clinic


Improve blood flow by scraping the skin with a little smooth tool.  Reduces muscle tension and pain and invigorates the skin

Different techniques with


Different situations need different addressing

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