What to Expect

Main.complaint, ongoing 
and past health issues, including a Chinese style questionnaire and tongue and pulse diagnosis

Integrating the information to pinpoint the most effective strategy for maximum results

A short consulting that may include little exercises, ergonomics, self-tailored nutrition guidelines or a chinese herbal recommendation

An hour of palpitations and gentle stretching, comfortably dressed, feeling the stress dissolve and a new relaxed and aligned posture stem from within

it is common to feel extremely relaxed, centered and energetically renewed.

The treatment's effect builds up initially in the first 24 hours and along the week

Good to know before we start:

The shiatsu invites the body to change things within, that has an impact.

What to wear for Shiatsu?

Be Comfortable! all you need is long, natural-material, flexible clothes to relax in
and a clean pair of socks 

What to bring?

Medical diagnosis summaries and test results are extremely helpful. please bring them and a list of any medication or supplement you take (including dosages)

Arrive a few min early, relax.

You can also use this time to change clothes and fill some forms I will leave for you in the waiting room

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