My Treatment Specialities

The Shiatsu is an opportunity to give yourself a moment to connect to yourself. It is a rewarding journey to real health,coming from within.

These are some of my professional specialties:

What is it good for

Life creating within

Give yourself a moment to connect to yourself and to that precious one within

Refill and Resolve

Give yourself the opportunity to renew body and soul and enhance natural fertility

Recover and Restore

Attend to the after-tremor pains and discomforts

Treat yourself

Treat yourself to a pain-free life. using natural rehabilitation and pain relief strategies

get the best healthcare

In Chinese style medicine we treat people, not diseases.

Therefor there is less place for specializing. But still, specializing means building experience in a field.

It means understanding western medical tests and protocols, enabling better integration for the good of the patient.


This is particularly important in women's health.

Being able to treat pregnant women with confidence, give them the best route to full recovery after birth, integrating with heavy hormonal protocols when trying to conceive.

That is why I put so much into specializing in women's health.



Inviting the body to heal itself , change happens with life



Relaxing your self, inside and out.



Nurture your body, quiet and ease stress, connect to motherhood

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