Carrying a new life creating within is maybe the biggest miracle there is.

It is also a very challenging mission.

The demanding nature of nurturing another life, the hormonal and physical changes in the body, can all easily violate the harmony within. This can manifest in physical and mental symptoms.

Pregnancy is also a gate to a tremendous life change. It can be emotional overwhelming, and commonly accompanied by contradicting feelings. This is normal in any pregnancy, but there are some that are even more challenging this can be Due to previous experiences, or to threatening risks.

There is a lot to do to help restore a healthy, harmonious feeling pregnancy. Shiatsu is widely regarded a safe natural method for prenatal women. I find that it's way of tending physical and mental well being is especially adequate for this period of life, and answers pregnant women's needs perfectly.

The Shiatsu is also an opportunity to give yourself a moment to connect to yourself in this process, and to the baby within. To give your motherhood a head start from a better, more wholesome place.

Common in my practice: Back pain, pelvic pain, nausea, hemorrhoids, threatening miscarriage, sleep disorders, anxiety, mood swings, stress


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