Pain Relief

Using whole-body methods to reduce pain can bring instant relief, and also build up into deep change.

When treating pain complaints, the goal is to stop the suffering, but also to treat the reason that the pain is there. Pain is like a car dashboard warning light, it is there to call us to take action, take care of something so the car can keep on going.

When the reason disappears, the pain will too.

Not always the root of the pain is clear. Human health is complex, and many surprising systems can be involved. This is why looking beyond the pain and seeing the individual as a whole is so important.

That is the way I work with Shiatsu Chinese medicine. (In Chinese herbal medicine, even the remedies for pain disorders are not only pain killers.) 

Using these whole-body methods to reduce pain can bring instant relief, and also build up into deep change. Of the kind that does not disappear after a day. Vice versa, with time it builds up.

Musculoskeletal Pain:

It is often that patients with musculoskeletal complaints are afraid that the only way to reduce their pain is by a painful massage or relocating vestibules. They are often overwhelmed by the feeling of the shiatsu treatment, that after an hour of deep relaxation the pain just fades away. This is due to this whole-body approach I work with. Using distal areas to influences the pain instead of working on it directly, and working through the whole body to reorganize it and enable the muscles to just let it go. It is amazing how much can happen from within; the whole poster can shift, the tension can fade, stubborn pain can start moving away.

Complex Pain Disorders:

When all car lights start buzzing all over, or when pain is chronic and due to problems that can't be solved. This are cases where Shiatsu and Chinese medicine are very useful. The ability to look at things from a different perspective enables to treat successfully many pain disorders that do not have a modern treatment but pain management

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