Meet Hillah

Dipl. C.M. (I.A.TCM) by the ETCMA,
European Traditional Chinese Medicine Association

AOBTA certificated Shiatsu practitioner

My name is Hillah

When I first met the Shiatsu I immediately fell in love with its ability to touch people in such a deep way and by its compassionate and honoring methods. I enjoyed 4 years of training from incredible teachers, that taught me the way of listening trough my hands, of opening my heart to enable change. The Shiatsu was my natural language, and it became my way of life.

It was a hard pregnancy that led my way to acupuncture school. With my body to weekend to practice shiatsu, I sought more ways of healing that I can combine in my work. The Chinese medicine beautiful way of describing life and health, while using such long practiced methods of medicine captured my heart. So, I found myself in school for another 4 years, learning the wisdom of needling and herbs. Combining this knowledge with the listening abilities of the shiatsu led to outstanding results.

Throughout this whole journey I was always working in my private clinic and in public health settings. It was my amazing clients in both these places that taught me more about life than I can describe. It was through them that I understood that helping women go through their life journeys in good health and well-being, was my passion. Understanding women and motherhood was also a personal voyage. The advanced studies of women's health combined with my private struggle as a mother to four.

This is what I have been doing for the past 10 years.

It is my uncompromising belief in people that leads my way as a practitioner.

My understanding that the key to health and well-being lies within. That we all have the power, and the right to use it and regain real, long lasting wellness.

That my job as a practitioner is to help in the process of finding it and giving each client the unique tools he needs to walk his way through life.


"I would like to warmly recommend Hillah for her Shiatsu treatment. 

I first came to Hillah when I was pregnant with my third child. I was having terrible low back pain whenever I was standing up or walking, and often times while seating down. In general I was feeling exhausted and drained which greatly affected my ability to function at home and at work. 

Hillah has very thoroughly interviewed me about my symptoms and feelings to determine the best coarse of treatment.

Her treatment was truly exceptional as she was able to pin-point so precisely the specific sources of pain and treat them. During treatment I simply didn't want it to end as her magical touch helped alleviating my pain tremendously.  The effect of her treatment lasted after treatment was over and really helped me push through the pregnancy weeks. I literally couldn't wait to get to my next appointment with her.

There aren't enough words to describe how much Hillah has helped me. She is just wonderful and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is having aches and pains of different sorts. "



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