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Meet Hillah

From the moment I had found Shiatsu, I’d fallen in love with its profound ability to touch people in such a compassionate and respectful method. I had the honor of enjoying 10 years of training by incredible teachers, who taught me how to use the ancient knowledge to bring simple and sustainable health into modern lives.

This felt like my natural language and has become my way of life


It is my unshaken belief in people which leads my way as a practitioner. I believe that the key to health and well-being lies within, and that we all have the power - and the right - to use it to regain real, long-lasting wellness. My job as a practitioner is merely to help with the process of finding that key and providing each client with the unique tools they need in order to walk their personal path with good sustainable health


Imagine stress dissolving, pain disappearing traceless

Imagine the aligned feeling of everything inside you in it's right place, energized by effortless movement


That is the common feeling after a deep shiatsu session

Through attentive pressure and gentle manipulations multiple body systems are activated to restore health and wellness

It can be targeted to treat multiple syndromes but you will find that when treating it properly, not only do the symptoms improve, but overall health is elevated

Why Shiatsu?

You are giving so much of yourself in this journey to motherhood. What are you doing to refill?

Life created within you are the place where this miracle is happening. Nourishing yourself is

fertilizing it's soil

Pain is an invitation to take care of ourselves. When the reason

of the pain disappears, 

pain will resolve


“She took care of me in such warmth and honest care, Building each session to my exact needs. The improvement was immediate, and after a few sessions pain disappeared, and nursing became easy". ”


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