No Pain No Gain?

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

Enough with that thought that healing must be painful or be gained through a struggle and that what feels good is a luxury

Let's get it straight

you don't need to choose

Health is best gained by working with the body, and not against it And when doing so, the feeling is great! Great through the session and great with the outcomes

So no, it is not two different sessions that I do, It is the same shiatsu that does both. It always feels like a treat and is always healing

Yes, I do tailor each session to the individuals needs So sometimes they are focused on the experience, and sometimes on the outcomes but surprisingly it usually brings me to the same modalities and to outstanding results

Because we live in smart bodies and what feels best is usually what we need more than all listening to and answering those needs is often what will influence our health most profoundly

Working with, not against Because real health stems from within

Hillah Hamo

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