How does it feel to receive a shiatsu session?

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

The common description is of things dissolving and re-aligning inside

Usually patients are surprised of how it happens

they expect it to be painful, to feel some hard work, But instead the whole session is just so relaxing

I work by palpation along the body, gently space the joints surrounding the pain Work along the limbs, the back, the neck

find the points and areas that are related to the pain and work on them Then, things start to dissolve

"I don’t know exactly what you were doing but it seems that the muscle just gave up that tension"

"Funny, it Is not there anymore, but you didn’t even touch that place yet!"

We live in smart bodies Pain/tension are usually there because of something else that is wrong If we resolve it they disappear

We don’t always know what is wrong, or how to help but our body always knows the answers

Shiatsu is all about listening to the body, and helping it do what it naturally wants to do

it's like doing that stretch you were yarning for taking that full breath you know you need That is why it feels so good

It is just a little assistance, but very precise and comes from deep listening and great skill That is why it is so effective

I hope we all find our ways to release the amazing powers we have inside us and get back that inner feeling we know can be there

Hillah Hamo

#Shiatsu #Feelgood

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